About us

Consultar Group SRL is a foreign trade consultancy company located in Buenos Aires. We specialise in the international commerce of Argentinian products of great quality.

We know that quality is a key factor to succeed in the international market. Thus, we specialise in carefully selecting the product. We keep a close relationship with  manufacturers and supplliers to guarantee that each product upholds the highest quality standards.

Our vast experience in foreign trade allows us to offer a detailed and personalised service to our clients. From advisory services regarding customs formalities up to the necessary logistics management. We support and enable every step of the import-export process to make sure that the products arrive safely and efficiently at their final destination. 

We are synchronised with our clients' success and we are proud of being your strategic partner in foreign trade. 

Our mission is to promote the excellence of Argentinian products in the international market, exporting high quality goods that reflect the richness and talent of our national industry. We aim to encourage growth and sustainability on a micro company level whilst also pursuing macro business opportunities in the global arena, all thanks to our pride and trust in fantastic Argentinian products. 

Every export is supported by the promise to represent the very best of our land, helping contribute to the economic and social development of our country. 

In our company, work ethic, integrity, trust and compromise are more than simple words: they are the fundamental principles that guide every aspect of our business and help us build solid and lasting relationships, based on trust and mutual respect. 

Consultar Group aims to be your company's catalyst for growth and success in the global marketplace. We want to build solid and lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust, openness and mutual benefit. 

Our vision is to be the strategically selected partner for Argentinian PyMes that wish to explore foreign trade, helping them to become high quality leaders in the global marketplace. 

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