Consultar Group is a leading company in the search for suppliers and the import facilitation for Argentina. In our constant pursue of excellence and client service, we are proud to offer detailed and personalised solutions that meet the commercial needs of companies that bet on the growth of our national industry. 


Our focus is identifying and carefully selecting Argentinian suppliers who offer high quality products and services, ready for export to international destinations. We are dedicated to establish solid and lasting relationships with the suppliers, making sure they comply with the most demanding standards in terms of quality, reliability and compliance

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide personallised solutions that optimise their import operations and allow them to achieve their commercial goals. 

In Consultar Group, we understand that the brand is an invaluable asset in the current competitive business world. For this reason we offer specialised service in the development of brand and product, designed to boost your presence in the market and differentiating from the competition.  

Our team of marketing and brand development experts work closely with you to understand your commercial goals, identify opportunities in the market and create effective strategies to strengthen your brand and expand your product line.  

As strategic partners, we work with some of the most prestigious and well-known companies, nationally and globally, what allows us to offer to our clients access to a global net of resources and opportunities. These partnerships are evidence of our commitment to excellence. 

Our Business Units: 

  • Bicycle and Motorcycle parts
  • Ironmongery 
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Food and Drink
  • Hair Cosmetics