Natural Straightener

MAXLISS Straightener - Packaging presentation 400ml y 110ml.

SERILISS straightens and protects your hair. Cystine protection and sericin permeation, resulting in stronger and healthier hair. 

PHYTOSCREEN Patagonia protects and hydrates. Patagonian plant active complex. Mil en rama, indian tobacco, pachi wood and marcela enriched with arginina-PCA.


Dual color protection (oxidation and washing) 

Prevents hair photoaging, antioxidant action. 

Facilitates gray coverage, UV protection. 

Maintains the original reflection of hair dyes.

Increased color strength.

Hydrates hair fiber.

QUINOA repairs, conditions, protects. Norishes and strengthens the hair. Not only does it provide hydratation and restore split ends, but it also repairs, conditions, and protects the hair, making it silkier, easier to detangle, and shinier.